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 Clear Quartz Family

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PostSubject: Clear Quartz Family   Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:27 pm

Clear Quartz

A master healer and all around teacher in terms of positive and directing positive energy through the stone. Clear Quartz can help with indecisiveness, impatience, and absorbing negativity within a work space. It is a good stone for focus and concentration, and retaining suppressed memories from the past.

It is a very good stone for meditation and also helps to calm down a restless mind. It is a highly calming stone with a lot of intel on how to help clear emotions in connection with empathy and also bring about a peaceful alignment of chakras presenting a peaceful and tranquil balance and order within oneself if one is feeling a touch chaotic or stressed out.

It can adopt a peaceful presence and is a good clear crystal also for cutting cords with as it helps to pinpoint the negativity around the body too and is perhaps a vital stone for your well-being. It is known as the stone to assist in meditations especially guided meditations and assists with clear-vision within the awoken mind.
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Clear Quartz Family
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