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 Hi! I'm Stormfaerie...

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PostSubject: Hi! I'm Stormfaerie...   Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:19 pm

I've been on this path for a good ten years or so and now have finally decided that maybe its time to make my own forum and community where other people can come in and learn, teach, share their wisdom and intuition.... for answers that other people are finding on their paths! I'm a fairly old soul -- this has always resonated with me since I started my journey -- even though I'm only almost 30 years old, I've been on this journey since I was seventeen, and could feel before that but just didn't quite understand what exactly it was.

I'm able to hear, feel and see spirit when they decide to come through, i can work with tools to divine messages across or scry, them through, or if not using tools then by simply asking the energy to reveal itself if it feels comfortable with doing so and as long as my intention is positive then it often does ascquiese to my request. I ALWAYS tune out after linking in and by bringing back my awareness to the present as centered and focused in the NOW, so that the other energies know I'm tuned out and their minds are at peace.

Lately though I've been working with earth healing in meditation, some of the time, I am able to work with crystalline energies, am a firm believer that crystalline beings hold innate wisdom for us all within their beautiful stone energy. I don't like labels too much though as feel it invites the ego in...

In my spare time I like to write, read, help others, I am very musical as well... and also love to dance as it helps lighten the load a little and escape into exercise for a bit... helps me to switch off... as well...

So that's a little about me... looking forward to reading people's posts when they find the site....

Any questions feel free to ask Wink

Thank you.
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Hi! I'm Stormfaerie...
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