We are a new soul forum supportive site for people on their spiritual, pagan, mystic pathways. Our site is Our Home. Please be mindful of your intention and make sure its positive before venturing into our site. Thank you.
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 Community Guidelines

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PostSubject: Community Guidelines   Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:17 pm

Our Community Guidelines

Soul-Journeys is a non-profit community for all souls that are drawn to live the path that works with positive intentions and positive awareness to help other people find their direction in their lives. We believe that a little helping hand where drawn first will help those that wish to Sit for practice readings and energy healing on a one to one sessions as well as group sessions, which we hope to hold here on site in the future. We do not charge for anything on our site as we feel that Service that is offered free of charge is the best way forward for us. And we are believers of that where there is a will there is a way too.

SJ hopes to become a family-orientated site which helps people in the best way that we can, which naturally sits right with us. By being a peaceful but helpful site that does not work with negative intentions or ego at all, we know that we can work with positivity on our pathway and do good work to help other members that are drawn to our site whether it be through the guiding hands of Spirit or the Angelic Network or if you've found us through internet searches as such!

We believe that by being open, kind, friendly, helpful, respectful, mindful and positive, we can become friends with new people that have registed on our site today. We feel that the best atmosphere for our site is a peaceful one, where confidentiality along with trust and positive intentions are a must at all times. A place where newcomers are welcomed into the fold of a online learning soul family that teaches and shares what we know and most of our knowledge is intuitively based as well as knowledge we've picked up over the years from our journeying. We have made it our mission to help all those that find us today.  We welcome all shamans, witches, wiccans, pagans, mystics, spiritual folk, and anyone that's intuitively aware whom work with positive intentions to help souls find their calling.

Everyone has free will and freedom of choice and its this which decides the open-ended outcome of a practice read or energy healing session. ALL of us - that means everyone coming into our site - know that practice readings and energy healings, workings of which ought to be intended positively, to help whomever is Sitting at the time or Receiving the Healing Energy. We do not predict in our practice reads as this leaves it open for cold readings which would create a not so good experience for the Sitter. The future is not etched in stone. We do look at spreads in tarot where the possible future outcomes are apparent, but at the end of the day, the overall final outcome of a reading is left open for you to decide what to do with the messages as given to you within the read itself and how it adapts into your lifestyle.

Energy healing is not to be replaced for medical treatments. Energy healing is positive energy that's directed to you through capable healing hands of our healing team. ALL Energy healing and reading ability work must be completed with positive intentions.

Membership is for ALL souls over 18+ as we are indeed a non-profit UK Community Site.
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Community Guidelines
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